Precision Injection Mold Making Company Boosts Profits For Injection Molders

PET preform and plastic cap molders rely on high volume production with zero defects to assure profits as well as low costs to their customers. This is possible only when they use quality injection molding equipments in conjunction with precisely fabricated high quality hot runner molds made by quality mold designers and fabricators.

The importance of Injection Mold Suppliers cannot be minimized. The quality and cost of the final product, be it 4 grams or 750 grams, especially thin walled PET preforms and caps, depends largely on their capabilities and expertise gained through knowledge and experience as well as use of right techniques and materials.

Little things matter a lot when it comes to designing and fabricating precision hot runner molds for injection molding. At the core is a research and development centre with the latest in CAD/CAM/CAE equipments that can translate design to reality. The R&D centre, staffed by top flight engineers helps Mold Making Company understand requirements of the customer, the material used and the end use. Feedback from existing customers goes into design improvements and understanding of qualities of each type of material, be it ABS, PET, Polycarbonate or SAN, helps tailor molds to suit the parameters of each. R&D not only works for in-house design and manufacturing; it extends to assisting customers optimize product design that will ensure smooth, fast workflows with minimum defects and maximized volume production that boosts profitability. Little things like dimensioning the gate for wall thickness at top and bottom help perfect outcomes. Choice of material is just as important and end use may dictate use of P20 or H13 material or even D-2 for inserts. Then there is design of cores to telescope into cavities to reduce core shifting. Some mold designers may compromise on support plates but this can be detrimental. Part sticking is eliminated by diamond polishing of cores and ribs, helped by nickel or PTFE coatings. Gas evacuation through precise venting, gate wear, shear and use of gate wells are all little things that add up. As the finest hot runner mold making company, Acme Disys spells perfection in each mold.


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